Syysseminaari: Obesity and Fibrosis at the Crossroads of Human Health and Disease

Joint Seminar of the Finnish Association for the Study of Obesity (FASO) and Fibrobesity Research Programme of the University of Oulu

Time:            Thursday 13.10.2022, 9.00–16.15

Place:            Leena Palotie Hall, University of Oulu Aapistie 5A, 90220 Oulu, and online Zoom connection (link will be sent to registered participants)

Registration: Pre-registration required, no registration fee.

Please register online by 10.10.


8:30-9:00       Coffee at the lobby (provided)

9:00-9:10       Opening words

  • Prof. Janne Hukkanen, FASO Vice-Chair and Prof. Olavi Ukkola, Profi6 Fibrobesity Leader, University of Oulu (UO)

9:10-11:25      Clinical aspects of fibrosis and obesity

Chair: Olavi Ukkola

  • Prof. Juhani Junttila, UO: Obesity and Fibrosis in Myocardial Disease 
  • Prof. Riitta Kaarteenaho, UO: Pulmonary Fibrosis and Obesity

**************. Break (10 min at 10:00-10:10) *****************

  • Associate Prof. Daniela Ungureanu, UO: Obesity and Cancer at the Molecular Level
  • Prof. Janne Hukkanen, UO: Obesity-Induced Hypertension and Sex-Specific Blood Pressure Regulation
  • Prof. Terhi Piltonen, UO: Sex Hormones and Fibrosis

11:25-12:25   Lunch break (at own expenses)

12:25-13:10    Keynote talk

Chair: Reetta Hinttala

  • Assoc. Prof. Mari Kaartinen, McGill University, Montreal, Canada: Coagulation Factor XIII-A in Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Fibrosis in Obesity

13:10-14:25    Molecular and cellular characteristics of fibrosis and obesity

Chair: Reetta Hinttala

  • Prof. Jukka Hakkola, UO: Pregnane X Receptor Activation Remodels Liver Metabolism to Promote NAFLD Development in Obese Mice
  • Prof. Peppi Karppinen, UO: Activation of the HIF Pathway as a Treatment Option for Metabolic Dysfunction
  • Adjunct Prof. Justus Reunanen, UO: Metabolic Features of Gut Extracellular Vesicles in Bariatric Surgery Patients

14:25-14:45    Coffee break 20 min (provided)

14:45-16:00    Exercise and urban planning in prevention of obesity

Chair: Janne Hukkanen

  • Associate Prof. Arto Hautala, University of Jyväskylä: Individual Responses to Exercise Training
  • Ph.D. Mikko Kärmeniemi, UO: The Built Environment as a Determinant of Physical Activity
  • Prof. Helka-Liisa Hentilä, UO: Urban Planning for Enhancement of Physical Activity: What needs to be changed?

16:00-16:15    Wrap-up and closing words by Janne Hukkanen

Co-organized by:

FibroHealth – Combatting Fibrosis in Chronic Diseases | University of Oulu


Suomen lihavuustutkijat ry

Funded by:

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